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When Max Carter went online everything changed

The Cyberpixies live in computers. They are a metaphor for how computers work. At least, that's what they told Max when they found him.
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About the Book

Life had always been fairly normal for Max Carter. Well, fairly normal for an orphan who had been raised by hippy grandparents. All he wants for his 13th birthday is a phone or maybe a laptop, like all his friends, but the Olds aren’t really the type to buy either for him.
Imagine his surprise then when his other Grandparents show up, and bring him a lot more than he expected. Not only does he have a phone, and a laptop, but he gets a present from his parents that is going to change his life, forever.

This is the first book in a new series that mixes humour and fantasy with computer science, written by British Indie SF Author CJ Moseley especially for younger people.

Current links are to an early access version of the text intended for Beta readers. This link will be available for a limited time only.

Series: Max Carter & The Cyberpixies, Book 1
Genres: Children's Fiction, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction
Tag: Works In Progress
Publisher: CJMoseley
Publication Year: 2017
Length: Children's novel
ISBN: 9781326913427

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