Series: With Strange Aeons

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The idea behind this series is to take a bunch of Academic characters and expose them to a secret conspiracy in the style of Dan Brown.
Only where Dan Brown uses the myths and conspiracy theories around the Catholic Church, I would use the Cthulhu Mythos of HP Lovecraft. I have blended the genres of the Thriller and Cosmic Horror together in each of the “Cthrillers” of the series.

The aim is that each book moves the reader further from a thriller and closer to the terrifying existential dread of the Cthulhu Mythos.

The First Seal

The First Seal

$9.95eBook: £3.99
Series: With Strange Aeons, Book 1
Genres: Cthriller, Thriller
Tag: Releases
Professor Andrew Kemp just wants to teach English. When a student comes to him, asking for help, he assumes he means with University work. He couldn't be more wrong. Andy Kemp and his friends are about to be drawn by strange coincidences into the dark secretive world of a powerful cartel that believes kidnappings, child abuse, human slavery, and playing god are all good for the bottom-line. More info →
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The Wrath of Atlantis

The Wrath of Atlantis

The sequel to The First Seal, brings many of the characters back to face a new problem. More info →
The Hunger In The Sky

The Hunger In The Sky

The Agency is forced to do the unthinkable and send Agent V back in time to sneak aboard Air Force One before it took off and save not just the President, but the secret service and especially the Nuclear Football. More info →

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