Technorati please!

Posted on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 at 20:21

Ooh that was annoying…

I received an email from Technorati asking me to fill in a web survey about Blogs and social media. My voice counts they told me!

Now I’m always willing to fill in a survey, I actually enjoy it, I don’t know why.

Anyway this is the
Technorati survey so I ambled off and started filling it in.

It was REALLY annoying. First off- I don’t make money from my blog, its just here to draw attention to my books. I don’t do advertising or charge for content and I don’t do brand promotions or anything like that. I don’t even freelance my writing, because I love writing and don’t want to start hating it.

So I click the don’t make any money button. Then I’m asked how much I make- er? Didn’t I just say I didn’t – okay, no problem just put $0 – I’m not even bothered that it has to be US Dollars, that’s easy to translate. But looking back alarm bells should have been ringing already.

Then I’m asked which social media platform do I generate the most revenue from… Well, I don’t, so just leave it blank right? Nope, not allowed to leave it blank, so I lie. Good luck with getting honest data from a survey that forces you to lie, I say.

It continues in this vein until the final page, when it asks me to put my 5-digit Zip code. Erm… I don’t mean to complain, but What the £@€&?! If it was only open to US citizens why didn’t you put something to that effect in the blasted email, or make me fill the zip and those details before I spent 10 minutes filling in your now incompletable survey.

Seriously Technorati – It’s the World Wide Web – World Series aside the rest of us do exist you know. I expected more from you- I thought you guys were aware of the rest of the world and had IQ digits to spare on thinking through your surveys- very disappointed.

Apparently my voice doesn’t count, because it has the wrong accent and spells colour the right way 🙂

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