The Wrath of Atlantis

Posted on Sunday, February 19th, 2017 at 14:50
The Wrath of Atlantis

Dark cults and bizarre drugs

Professor Andrew Kemp hasn’t been having the best year, not since he stumbled on a secret Cabal of industrialists. Work has been fraught, his relationships ruined, even his best friend has abandoned him, but at least now it is finally over.
Or so he’d hoped.
It seems coincidence, the machinations of the surviving members of the Windermere Group, the Police, and his own friends will draw him once again into an adventure that will leave him questioning everything. Bizarre designer drugs, dark cults, and forgotten prehistory are going to make life very interesting for Andy and his friends.

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About the Book

There are dark things afoot in Liverpool.
Detective Inspector Eoin Morgan is hunting the source of the terrible new street drug. This new drug is called ‘Wrath’ by it’s users and is believed to be a Nazi combat drug. Eoin faces off against a giant of a man, who speaks in riddles in an unknown language. in order to decode this mystery Eoin enlists the help of Professor Andy Kemp to translate the giant’s words, which draws them both into a new world of dangers.

Blending the fast-paced action of a Post-modern thriller with the creeping cosmic horror of HP Lovecraft the “With Strange Aeons” sequence is a unique reading experience.

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Series: With Strange Aeons, Book 2
Genres: Cosmic Horror, Cthriller, Speculative Fiction, Thriller
Tag: Releases
Publisher: Lulu/
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9780244619558
List Price: £12.49
eBook Price: £3.99
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