Fury ___ ♣

Posted on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 at 02:23
Fury ___ ♣ is the Yang Facet of anger and deep emotional intensity. It is the unbridled storm tossed sea an the thundering waterfall, all the active dynamic forces are in some way, some of the time governed by its certainty. It's opposite is the Yin facet Quiet.

Annex Root

Water, Anger and Negative emotion based Annexes

If you want a Character with Water-bending, Anger-based Psychokinesis or a Poltergeist then Fury is the Annex Root for you.

Annex Channel

Aggression, Noise and Action Annexes

The ideal Channelling Facet for any Machine-gun toting action hero or rock guitarist is Fury.

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Bedlam attacks affect the mind of the target, they can be used to represent terror/horror attacks, shell shock and direct mental blasts as well as prolonged contact with Madness. Bedlam attacks do double damage (x2) against Inspiration, Dreams and Lie Incarna and double (x2) Distract Wounds.

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Gain Chi when you lose your temper, shout, or argue.

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  • Water
  • Emotional/Empathic powers especially aggressive


  • anger
  • antagonism
  • battle cries
  • bedlam attacks
  • bedlam wounds
  • berserk
  • berserker
  • berserking
  • chaingun
  • chants
  • decisive
  • drink
  • elemental water
  • extremity
  • fast
  • genius
  • gossip
  • growl
  • howl
  • jet engines
  • jetpack
  • jets
  • liquid weapons
  • machinegun
  • martial art (specific)
  • ocean
  • pain
  • poltergeist
  • potions
  • psionics
  • rage
  • ravage
  • river
  • roar
  • rockets
  • shouting
  • solutions
  • steam power
  • surf
  • thrash
  • thrust
  • thunder
  • tinctures
  • water pistols
  • water
  • white water


  • fords
  • lakes
  • meres
  • oceans
  • pools
  • rapids
  • rivers
  • seas
  • waterfalls
  • weirs
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  • Accidentally killed friend/family member
  • Adopted as child
  • Born as a result of rape
  • Cursed
  • Deliberately killed friend
  • Framed for murder of friend/kin
  • Friendless
  • Guardian died
  • Guilt
  • Had to give own child up for adoption
  • Killed family pet
  • Lonely
  • Lost child (in birth, because ...)
  • Lost love
  • Love married another
  • Mother attempted to terminate pregnancy
  • Never knew parents
  • No childhood
  • Only surviving member of family
  • Orphaned
  • Parent died before birth
  • Part of multiple birth
  • Person of your dreams already married
  • Regret (specific)
  • Rejected by family (specify)
  • Sad
  • Sold family member
  • Speed raised to adulthood (specify)
  • Watched Guardian or Family member die
  • Watched friend die
  • Woe
  • lost object
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Elemental Water

All liquids are descended from or are siblings of Elemental Water. Ever changing and unpredictable it is a very suitable Incarna for any liquids, potions or water nymphs, sirens or undines.

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The Monster is the embodiment of an Emotion, usually a negative one. Such Monsters are often capable of supernatural actions, such as telepathy, shape-shifting, or even undying.

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Gain Chi when you are honest, blunt, direct or act quickly.

Combat gain Chi when you play a ♣ to attack.

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Destroy (object/location/character)

If the plot involves throwing a ring in a Volcano, blowing up an orbital fortress or laying to rest a powerful Necromancer then Fury is the Quest you want.

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Whether its diving through plate glass, car chases, shoot outs, punch-ups, dangling over precipices or just buckling that swash action is about movement, quickly rising body counts and danger. Action Tone is low in Tension, being more about explosions and set pieces than tactical combat, but it can get gritty and real as well.

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Umbral Effects

  • NEED: Must be in a specific emotional state to activate (e.g. Angry).
  • LIMIT: Must make noise or Halve Score.
  • SACRIFICE: Blood, Sweat & Tears (Annex Boon Double Reduced Success Levels Sacrificed on Failure).
  • SPECIAL: All cards must be played on a single effect and target.

Nimbed Effects

  • FOCUS: Annex may set the Tone to the match Annex Root or Channel.
  • EXPAND: Intimidation, add One Card Psychological Test (Fear)
  • REWARD: Blood, Sweat & Tears, any Wound caused by the Annex is automatically aggravated One Level.
  • TRICK: Furious, Annex may Play an additional card on the Annex's action. 
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