Gossamer ___ ♠

Posted on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 at 02:23
Gossamer ___ ♠ is the dynamic Yang Facet of strength without weight. Silken threads drifting in the wind, the forces that bend and shake trees and can rip and tear flesh. Gossamer is the light, airy opposite of Burden.

Annex Root

Hand or breath based Annexes

If you want to build an Annex for a painter or a dragon then a Gossamer Root is a good place to start.

Annex Channel

Strength, sound or textile Annexes

When you are building a strong-man, a singer or musician, or even a web-slinging silk-worm themed superhero then they might need a Gossamer Channelling Facet.

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Rip attacks are the types of attacks made by strong powerful forces, like a bear’s claws. Maiming and Crippling attacks created by a Rip attack are doubled (x2).

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Gain Chi whenever you recite your catchphrase or strike a dramatic pose.

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  • air
  • alchemical tones
  • exoskeletons
  • powered armour
  • psionic powers


  • aerosols
  • alchemical tones
  • ballooning
  • bouncing
  • bows
  • canvas duct tape
  • catapults
  • climb rope
  • cloak
  • clothing (specific)
  • cloths
  • contortion
  • controls
  • deflectors
  • elemental air
  • exoskeleton
  • fabrics
  • gas (specific)
  • gasses
  • glue
  • guitar
  • handdrawn ranged weapons
  • handguns
  • handheld sheilds
  • hanging
  • harnesses
  • juggling
  • keyboards
  • languages
  • laptops
  • marsh gas
  • palmtops
  • paper
  • parachuting
  • pickpocket
  • pockets
  • power defences
  • prestidigitation
  • retard defences
  • ribbons
  • rip attacks
  • rip wounds
  • rope
  • rowing
  • sailing
  • sails
  • screwdrivers
  • singing
  • slings
  • smartphone
  • soaring
  • sound
  • steadyhand
  • sticky substances
  • strength
  • string
  • stringed instruments
  • tape
  • threads
  • throwing
  • webs
  • wind instruments
  • wind
  • windpower
  • zephyr


  • engine room
  • generator room
  • high rise building
  • market square
  • mountain-top
  • suspension bridge
  • ventilation duct. wind blasted moor
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  • Additional Bodypart (specify)
  • Alien
  • Birthmark (Specify)
  • Born by Cesarean section
  • Clumsy
  • Congenital birth defect
  • Corrupted
  • Deformed (specify)
  • Emotionally deformed (specify)
  • Macabre
  • Missing Bodypart (specific)
  • Missing Personality trait (specify)
  • Monstrous
  • Mutation
  • Siamese twins
  • Tainted
  • Ugly
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Elemental Air (Gases)

Need to build a gaseous weapon, or want to play a Sylph? Then Gossamer is the Incarna for you.

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The Monster is immensely physically powerful, although often its form may not reveal it. It often demonstrates supernatural power as well as strength and toughness. Such monsters are often immune to Mortal Wounds always able to slink off instead of dying.

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Gain Chi when being defeated, you disagree, or follow orders.

Combat gain Chi when attacked with a ♠.

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Hold (location/object/character)

Remember the Alamo? Helmsdeep? Well these are examples of the Gossamer Quest, so is any Quest to keep a Character prisoner or perhaps keep hold of a treasure.

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Whether its a bunch of off-duty army doctors playing cards, men or women in the barbershop or beauty parlour there's plenty to like about the Conversational tone of the Gossamer Facet. You can tell whole stories and examine deep into a conflict with nothing more than a conversation.

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Umbral Effects

  • NEED: Must be used in a loud or windy environment.
  • LIMIT: Physical contact with Target must be made or Halve Score.
  • SACRIFICE: Words, must speak Annex Boon Reduced syllables to activate.
  • SPECIAL: Fumble, the Annex can go wrong if you roll minimum on the Gossamer Boon die. The Referee may control the Annex's action and make it attack the User or an Ally.

Nimbed Effects

  • FOCUS: Can use scenery, atmosphere, and weather to add a Success Level at Referee's discretion
  • EXPAND: Strong, add Gossamer Nimbed Boon Reduced to Annex Boon.
  • REWARD: Words, the Annex will allow a message of Gossamer Nimbed Boon Reduced Words to be transferred to the Target and for the Target to respond the same, during the Annex's action.
  • TRICK: Bounces, may Draw and Play an additional card to pay for extra Targets (+3 Pips per Target). Defences with this Nimbed can bounce Gossamer Nimbed Boon Double Reduced cards back on the attacker once per Scene.
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