Heresy ___ ♥

Posted on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 at 14:59
Heresy ___ ♥ is the Yang Facet of lies, deceit, fiction and those things believed to be false. It is the governor of error, the ancestor of dissent and the blame for impiety. It is the dynamic opposite of Orthodox.

Annex Root

Fiction, Banned or Heretical Annexes

If you want an Annex that represents forbidden magic or technnology, perhaps you're after that clone army you've always wanted, then you might need a Heresy Root.

Annex Channel

Lies, Deception and Fiction Annexes

Every writer, actor or conman will want at least one Annex with a Heresy Channelling Facet.

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Malign attacks are not physical in nature, they destroy the perceived character of the target. They can be considered as simple as name-calling, can be complex witty and cruel, or can be a targeted destruction of their character in the press. Distract wounds created by Malign attacks are Tripled (x3).

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Character may choose a second personality and gain Chi from it also. Characters may change this second personality for Heresy Boon Reduced points of Chi.

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  • False ID’s
  • Fiction
  • Lies
  • Untruths


  • alien psychology
  • babble
  • befriend
  • blather
  • bluff
  • bribery
  • bullshit
  • chaoslore
  • charming
  • cybertechnology
  • deceive
  • deception
  • deviant behaviour
  • deviation
  • disguise
  • drug manufacture
  • evade
  • evasion
  • fake body language
  • falsehoods
  • feint
  • fence
  • fiction
  • fictional characters
  • fictional places
  • forbidden lore
  • fortean knowledge
  • genius
  • implanted technology
  • implants
  • inks
  • lies
  • lockpicking
  • lore
  • lycanthropy
  • magic lore (specific)
  • malign attacks
  • malign wounds
  • misdirection
  • odd
  • psiber-technology
  • psychobabble
  • ransack
  • red herrings
  • sarcasm
  • spoof
  • sword swallowing
  • tale telling
  • technobabble
  • toon lore
  • toon psychology
  • toon technology
  • toons
  • undead lore
  • unorthodox philosophy
  • untruths
  • warlock
  • writing implement
  • wrong
  • xenobiology


  • Buildings with Facades
  • Cinema
  • Inner City Location
  • Theatre
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  • Behavioural Taboo
  • Break Taboo (specify)
  • Eating Taboo
  • Embargo (specify)
  • Excessive Etiquette
  • Forbidden to (specify)
  • Mascot (specify)
  • Reject Doctrine (specify)
  • Repressed
  • Sexual Taboo
  • Superstition (specify)
  • Talisman (specify)
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Whether you are constructed a delicately balanced web of deceit, writing a pulp sci-fi ebook, or want to play an escaped fictional character on the run in the real world then Heresy is the Incarna Facet for you.

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The Monster is looks entirely like something else. Perhaps they are a Demon in the form of an innocent child, or maybe they are a shape-shifter or face-dancer, able to change their appearance as they like, then again perhaps they're just the old Janitor in a monster costume.

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Gain Chi when your actions are unique, or you lie, cheat, or mislead another – or deviate from normal behaviour.

Combat gain Chi when you play a ♥ to attack.

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Infiltrate Location or Group; or Lie to/about character/object

If characters must infiltrate a secret society of enemy town, or if they need to spread disinformation then Heresy is probably the Quest they are using.

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Whether we are talking about fighting dragons in lonely mountain caves, facing ten thousands orcs from a fortress wall, creeping through the secret passageways of a wizard's tower or disarming megalithic dead-fall traps created by long-lost inhuman civilizations then you might be playing in a Fantasy Tone.

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Umbral Effects

  • NEED: Communication, a message must be passed or spoken to the target.
  • LIMIT: Cannot be used in Specific Circumstance or Environment or Halve Score.
  • SACRIFICE: Accuracy, never completely accurate. Will activate, but Opponent/Ref may Draw and Play Annex Boon Double Reduced Ordeal Cards to represent inaccuracy)
  • SPECIAL: Fabrication, all effects can be undone, or destroyed, more easily (Umbral Boon Reduced from difficulty to dispel)

Nimbed Effects

  • FOCUS: Mislead, the Annex looks and acts like another type of Annex and can even leave Red Herring (Heresy Boon based) clues.
  • EXPAND: Indirect, the Annex can work through another Character or Descendant. (E.g. Eelafin Senses can have this Nimbed allowing the Eelafin to perceive through the senses of nearby animals).
  • REWARD: Accuracy, add Heresy Nimbed Boon Reduced as accidently discovered truths or Pips of Penetration or Range.
  • TRICK: Feint, any time the Annex plays a Distract it may automatically Draw and Play another card.
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