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Posted on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 at 14:59
Inertia _ _ ♠ is the Yin Facet of motion, inexorable momentum, falling and sliding. The mother of indolence and lassitude, the patron of procrastination this receptive facet will out-wait and out-last its opposite Zeal.

Annex Root

Momentum, mass and survival Annexes

If you are building a strongman or wilderness survival expert you probably will want an Inertia Root Facet

Annex Channel

Motion and Endurance Annexes

If you are playing a top notch pilot, a bus driver or an Iron-Man athlete you will want an Inertia Channelling Facet.

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Slash attacks are the classic Wound Dæmon. Teeth, claws, and knives cause them, a deep scratch that bleeds and can include cut muscle tissue. Slash wounds triple the number of Flesh wounds caused (x3).

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If the character takes their time they will automatically completely succeed (cannot be used during combat.) for a cost of one Chi.

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  • Time
  • Past lives
  • visions of the past and future
  • stasis.


  • ancient
  • artificial gravity
  • beds
  • chronoliths
  • clocks
  • comic timing
  • cuts
  • detirmined
  • diving
  • endurance
  • enduring
  • epics
  • events
  • falling
  • fast
  • forgotten
  • g-force
  • gliding
  • guidance systems
  • gyroscopes
  • hanging
  • history
  • hold breath
  • immortality
  • landmines
  • legends
  • lying down
  • memories
  • momentum
  • multitasking
  • relics
  • resting
  • rhythmn
  • rifling
  • sitting
  • skipping
  • slash wounds
  • slashes
  • slashing attacks
  • sleeping
  • sliding
  • slow
  • stability
  • stasis
  • survival
  • tempo
  • time
  • timing


  • Air/Space/Sea-Port
  • Clock tower
  • Graveyard
  • Memorial
  • Moving vehicle
  • Ruins
  • Transport station
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  • Adopted Child
  • Child
  • Dependants
  • Duty to (specify)
  • Fealty
  • Honour bound
  • Protect (specify)
  • Religion (specify)
  • Responsibility
  • Serve (specify)
  • Toady
  • "Yes Master"
  • Younger sibling
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If you want to manipulate time creating a save-point Chronolith event, or play a being that is a living moment then you will be wanting an Inertia Incarna.

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The Monster is inexorable, it does not stop and cannot be killed by any normal means. Inertial Monsters are immune to Mortal and Carnage wounds until stacked out. They do not gain additional Handicaps.

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Gain Chi when you succeed without paying any cost, get someone else to do it, or have a rest.

Combat gain Chi when you draw a ♠

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Survive (Location / Object / Character / Monster / Trial)

When winning is not an option sometimes the Quest just becomes about survival, whether its surviving on a desert island, not being blown up by a mine-field, not getting killed by a rival gang or surviving a rite of passage then you might be in an Inertia Quest.

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When a story occasionally has to skip months, years or generations of time, or if the plot is of world shattering importance then you might be involved in an Inertia Tone Epic

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Umbral Effects

  • NEED: Relative Motion, Target and/or User must be moving.
  • LIMIT: Score Halved if User is moving.
  • SACRIFICE: Time, the User must wait (taking a Half-Action only) Annex Boon Double Reduced RT phases (or Pips are discarded on RT) before Activation.
  • SPECIAL: Charging Time, the User of the Annex must charge as though in GRT equal to the Inertia Umbral Boon Double Reduced (1) before use. Charging Time reduces GRT after Activation. 

Nimbed Effects

  • FOCUS: Relative Motion, if the User and Target are moving relative to each other add a Success Level.
  • EXPAND: Causes motion in the Target (Inertia Nimbed Boon metres for small objects and Inertia Nimbed Boon Reduced for other Characters and larger objects).
  • REWARD: Time, the target of the Annex (or the Defence that stops the Annex) is affected by an immediate GRT equal to the Inertia Nimbed Boon Double Reduced.
  • TRICK: Momentum, any Spade with a face value lower or equal to Inertia Nimbed Boon Reduced x2 may add directly to the Pips of the card it is attacking with. E.g. Play a Five of Spades (Flesh) as preparation and then a Jack of diamonds (Crippling) to create a Carnage wound (and a random second card).
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