Key ___ ♠

Posted on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 at 13:31
Key ___ ♠ is the Yang Facet of solutions, answers, ingress and interpretation. It is the patron of perception and penetration, the source of science and the 'key' to the cipher of its opposite Enigma.

Annex Root

Logical, Intelligence, Investigation based Annexes

If you want to play an Edwardian Consulting Detective, policeman, scientist or philosopher then you probably want an Annex with a Key Root Facet.

Annex Channel

Senses, Perception, Lockpicking and Penetration Annexes

If you want an Annex to allow you to sense, perceive, open or enter something or somewhere then you want a Key Channelling Facet.

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Jab attacks are a standard of punches and quick stabs. Most bayonet wounds are Jab type; bullets also generally leave a Jab wound behind too. Jab attacks are particularly helpful against creatures that bleed (Flesh Incarna) and double Mortal Wounds (x2).

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The character has an extra sense, often a danger sense or sixth sense. This is built as a free annex based on the Key Facet Boon (1-11 Skill, 12-21 Talent, 22-26 Power).

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  • Inspiration
  • Genius
  • Mental Powers
  • Technology


  • E.S.P. Eusaivean chips
  • I.C. Breakers
  • accounting
  • alert
  • algebra
  • answers
  • armour piercing
  • artistry
  • assessment
  • auditory
  • bright
  • bypass security
  • calculators
  • camera
  • coherent
  • computers
  • cording
  • counting
  • credible
  • cryptography
  • cyphering
  • daggers
  • danger sense
  • data entry devices
  • deduction
  • detailed
  • details
  • detection
  • divination
  • edge bullets
  • eminent
  • intuition
  • investigation
  • jab attacks
  • jab wounds
  • jabbing
  • jewel assessment
  • keys
  • learning (specific)
  • learning
  • lip-reading
  • logic
  • measuring devices
  • memorize
  • navigation
  • needles
  • nociception
  • note making
  • observation
  • olfactory
  • optical
  • pain
  • particle detector
  • perception
  • photographs
  • pins
  • pressure
  • prototypes
  • protraits
  • psychology
  • radar
  • reading
  • recorders
  • screwdrivers
  • sense (specific)
  • short-hand
  • spot hidden spotting
  • strain
  • stress
  • surveilence
  • symphony
  • tactile
  • taste
  • thermoception
  • thoughts
  • tracking
  • typing
  • verse
  • video


  • Brig
  • Dungeon
  • Gaol
  • Jail
  • Laboratory
  • Locked room
  • Locksmiths
  • Observatory
  • Prison
  • Research facility
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  • Bound (specify)
  • Cannot approach (specify)
  • Cannot cross running water
  • Chained
  • Cloistered (specify)
  • Coerced
  • Diurnal biological clock
  • Doesn't get out much
  • Enthralled (specify)
  • Fettered (specify)
  • Gaoled
  • Imprisoned
  • Jurisdiction (specify)
  • Limitation (specify)
  • Must be summoned
  • Must possess to survive (specify)
  • Nocturnal Biological clock
  • Not capable of travel
  • Repulsed by (specify)
  • Shut in
  • Strait-laced
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If you want to build a meme, a memory or play a being composed of pure thought then Key is the Incarna for you.

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The Monster is a hunter or tracker, it should favour harrying attacks and hit and run tactics. Typically such a Monster will vanish or flee if it is wounded, only to reappear when healed. The hunter may be fooled by false trails, but never for long. Hunters are usually immune to Carnage and Mortal Wounds until the Zenith of the story (such wounds are taken as Crippling Wounds instead).

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Gain Chi when you ask or answer a question, look for clues, or penetrate defences.

Combat gain Chi when you play a ♠ to prepare.

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Investigate/Seek Location/Character/Object

If the adventure involves trying to find information about someone or something or trying to locate a place, person or thing then you probably have a Key Quest.

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When an adventure is about clues, and puzzles that can be solved, whether it be a police procedural, scientific investigation, or a gung-ho reporter the Tone is Investigative and the Facet Key.

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Umbral Effects

  • NEED: Information, User must have information about the target before Activation 
  • LIMIT: Mental effects only or Halve Score.
  • SACRIFICE: Thoughts, (Annex Boon Double Reduced Chi).
  • SPECIAL: Must have a witnessable effect or leave traceable evidence. 

Nimbed Effects

  • FOCUS: Information, the Annex will reveal Key Nimbed Boon Reduced pieces of information about the target that may be pertinent E.g. Handicaps, Umbrals, Personality, Geometry, I-Ching, etc.
  • EXPAND: Penetrating, against targets with defences the Annex gains a Penetration bonus. All attacking Ordeal cards add Key Nimbed Boon Reduced Pips of Penetration. 
  • REWARD: Thoughts, (Gain Key Nimbed Boon Reduced Chi)
  • TRICK: Straight, when playing cards any cards that form a sequence(e.g. Q♣,K♦,A♠) all count as the Highest Wound Level in the straight (or One Level Higher if they are all the same).
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