Liberty ___ ♥

Posted on Friday, March 29th, 2013 at 16:58
Liberty ___ ♥ is the Yang Facet of freedom. It is the dream that is imagined, and the imagination itself, the freedom to dream, the license to leisure, the choice of chance, the autocrat of luck and the flexibility and flux to deny its opposite Wyrd.

Annex Root

Dream, Game, Luck, Freedom based Annexes

If you want an Annex for a rebel, a dreamer or a gamer then you want a Liberty Root Facet

Annex Channel

Luck, Magic, Escapology, Games, Annexes

If you are playing a pinball wizard or just a lucky son-of-a-gun then you are going to want a Liberty Channelling Annex

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Overload attacks like crash attacks work best on equipment, however Overload attacks work best on delicate electrical equipment. Character senses can also be overloaded. Distract wounds are doubled (x2) for Overloads and Maiming and Crippling wounds target sensory proficiencies and Annexes.

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Ignore a Handicap when triggered by paying Sway equal to the Handicap Boon Reduced (half the normal reward).

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  • Dreams
  • Dream powers
  • Magickal powers


  • ad-libbing
  • adaptable
  • boundless
  • chaoslore
  • charming
  • children
  • chimeras
  • combination tools
  • combined weaponry
  • compose music
  • daemons
  • dreams
  • escaping
  • escapism
  • escapology
  • expression
  • face-dancing
  • fantastic
  • fantasy
  • free
  • freedom
  • fun
  • gambling
  • game(specific)
  • games
  • hologames
  • imaginary
  • imagination
  • improvisation
  • innovation
  • intuition
  • invention
  • jack-of-all-trades
  • jazz
  • lea
  • liberate
  • looper bullets
  • luck
  • magic
  • mystic
  • mystical
  • neptune
  • oneiromancy
  • overload attacks
  • overload wounds
  • play (specific)
  • polymorph
  • portals
  • salvage
  • scalvage
  • scavenge
  • scrounge
  • shape-shifting
  • surrealism
  • thresholds
  • videogames
  • white lies


  • Bedrooms
  • Deep Forest
  • Deep space
  • Dream-lands
  • Fantastic Landscapes
  • Open Steppe
  • Open plaza
  • Wild places
  • Wilderness
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  • Adopted child
  • Child
  • Devoted to (specify)
  • Docile
  • Family
  • Fealty (specify)
  • Genuflexion
  • Kow-tow
  • Mother Love
  • Parent
  • Religion (specify)
  • Reverence (specify)
  • Romantic Attachment
  • Siblings (specify)
  • Subordinant
  • Surrender
  • True Love
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If you wish to create a nightmare or want to play a creature composed entirely of dreams then you want a Liberty Formation Facet

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The Monster is nightmarish, or dreamlike. Such Monsters either exist in a purely psychological realm, appearing as dreams and hallucinations, that cannot really be fought and don’t physically exist, or they are extremely dangerous and powerful Monsters that really exist and always cause Psychological Tests in those that meet them, and may be magical or supernatural in power.

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Gain Chi when you try to be stylish, sensual, seductive, arrogant or rude.

Combat gain Chi when you prepare a ♥

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Liberate / Rescue Object/Location/Character

When a Ref wants you to take something from someone else, if you want to mount a prison break, rescue a princess, or release an entire kingdom from a tyrants grasp then you probably will want a Liberty Quest.

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When an adventure has a strong dream-like quality, or even is a dream, where anything that occurs to the character will be, at least physically, undone when they awaken then you are in a Surreal Tone. It does not have to be a dream, many Daemons and Faeries choose to make reality seem like a dream in order to grant themselves extra abilities that are not so easily disbelieved.

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Umbral Effects

  • NEED: Unique use, cannot be used for the same effect twice.
  • LIMIT: Creative effects only or Halve Score.
  • SACRIFICE: Destiny, discard a Wyrd Tarot or Yarn Card with Pips equal to the Annex Boon Double Reduced.
  • SPECIAL: Easily Lost, Wounds automatically target the Annex when applying damage and add Liberty Umbral Boon Reduced to Pips of the Wound card.

Nimbed Effects

  • FOCUS: Unique use, the Annex can be used by others (up to Liberty Nimbed Boon Reduced) at the same time,  the Annexes Umbrals effect each user individually.
  • EXPAND: Ignore Liberty Boon Double Reduced Umbrals in this Annex.
  • REWARD: Destiny, Draw Liberty Nimbed Boon Double Reduced cards and add them to your Wyrd Tarot Hand or Ordeal Pool.
  • TRICK: Annex uses only half an Annex slot. Two Powers both with this Nimbed would fill one Power slot. This also reduces GRT for this Annex by 1.
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