Nature _ _ ♥

Posted on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 at 22:06
Nature _ _ ♥ is the Yin Facet of the receptive and nurturing mother of us all. Passive growth, fertility and flesh are all aspects of this Facet. Nature governs all things native, and genuine unlike the artifice of its opposite Craft.

Annex Root

Natural abilities, Body-part based Annexes

If you are looking to play an animalistic character (or perhaps just build yourself an animal companion) then you are going to want lots of Nature Rooted Annexes

Annex Channel

Annexes to do with Nature and nurturing

Been worrying how to build that Motherhood, Gardening or Parenting Annex? Well you might need to look at Nature Channelling Facets

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Gouge attacks represent removing a scoop of the target, the standard gouge attack is a bite or an eye gouge. Gouge attacks can kill easily, but can also leave other Handicaps behind if the attacker wishes and the Ref agrees. Loss of sense would be appropriate for eye gouges for example. Gouge attacks do double damage at Mortal and Carnage level (x2) as things get eaten in a few short bites.

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The character has one chosen environment in which they automatically gain one level of success.

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  • Bloodlines
  • Flesh
  • Pets
  • Races
  • Species


  • Arms
  • Bark
  • Beaks
  • Berries
  • Bio-Energy
  • Biting
  • Blood
  • Bodypart - specific
  • Bone
  • Brain
  • Bulmas
  • Cartilage
  • Cells
  • Chitin
  • Claws
  • Clubs
  • Consumption
  • Dai-Nubathor
  • Day
  • Death
  • DNA
  • Ears
  • Earth Mother
  • Eggs
  • Elbow
  • Endoskeleton
  • Enzymes
  • Exoskeleton
  • Expulsion
  • Eyes
  • Feathers
  • Feet
  • Fingers
  • Fleetfooted
  • Flowers
  • Foraging
  • Fruit
  • Fur
  • Genetics
  • Germs
  • Gouge Attacks
  • Gouge Wounds
  • Growth
  • Hairs
  • Hands
  • Head
  • Heart
  • Horns
  • Hunting
  • Jaws
  • Keratin
  • Knee
  • Landscapes
  • Leaves
  • Legs
  • Life
  • Lignen
  • Lips
  • Meat
  • Memory
  • Movement
  • Mucous
  • Muscle
  • Myloskeleton
  • Nails
  • Necron
  • Night
  • Nose
  • Nuts
  • Nymphs
  • Offspring
  • Organs
  • Pollen
  • Quills
  • Race - specific
  • Reproduction
  • Respiration
  • Response
  • Rhythms
  • Roots
  • Scales
  • Seeds
  • Significator -specific
  • Sinew
  • Skin
  • Species - specific
  • Spikes
  • Stalk
  • Suffocation
  • Sun
  • Teeth
  • Tendon
  • Tentacles
  • Thumbs
  • Toes
  • Tongue
  • Virus
  • Voice
  • Whiskers
  • Wings


  • Fertile plains
  • Rolling plains
  • Shallow sea
  • Wilds
  • Woods
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  • Bad Memories
  • Birthmark
  • Bleeding
  • Broken Bone (specify)
  • Burns
  • Continual pain
  • Cybernetic limb/bodypart
  • Discoloured body part (specify)
  • Dying
  • Emotional scarring
  • Facial scar
  • Loss of movement (specify)
  • Lost/Missing Bodypart
  • Massive scar
  • Memory blocks (specify)
  • Missing tooth
  • Nightmares
  • Old sports injury
  • Old war wound
  • Phantom limb
  • Scars
  • Skeletal
  • Slips in and out of coma
  • Tatoo
  • Undead
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Flesh (Blood and Bone)

This is the most commonly selected Incarna, it is the Incarna of human beings and animals, nine times out of ten your character will have a Nature Formation Facet and Incarna.

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The Monster is a force of nature, perhaps a literal elemental or more likely metaphorical. Such Monsters always pull and play an additional Ordeal card, often as on collateral damage

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Gain Chi when you listen to another, offer someone help, or tell a story (lie?).

Combat gain Chi when you draw a ♥.

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Nurture (location, object or character)

When the Referee wants you to grow a plant, raise a child, look after something, maintain a piece of equipment then you are almost certainly involved in a Nature Quest

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Visceral / Sensual

When you want an adventure to have a deep emotional impact, or simply to have a sensual experience then the Tone should be set to Nature.

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Umbral Effects

  • NEED: Life, can only affect living beings and materials.
  • LIMIT: Halve Score when affecting Nature Umbral Boon Reduced Incarna 
  • SACRIFICE: Blood Sacrifice, automatically apply Annex Boon Double Reduced Flesh Wounds to the User .
  • SPECIAL: Natural Ability. The Annex is always on and can never be turned off. In situations where the Annex would not be advantageous it will work against the User (e.g. Animal Senses could hurt the User if a Flashbang grenade goes off).

Nimbed Effects

  • FOCUS: Life, the Annex's effects are motile and responsive and will actively resist attempts to “dispel” it. Add Nature Reduced Boon to difficulty to dispel or Heal as inanimate objects dodge and wounds bite back.
  • EXPAND: The Annex doubles its score when affecting Nature Boon Double Reduced Incarna, select the Incarna during Annex creation. In Combat if affecting a correct Incarna all Ordeal cards are added again (x2 damage becomes x3)
  • REWARD: Blood Sacrifice, any time the Annex Draws a Distract you may immediately Discard and Draw again.
  • TRICK: Natural Ability, the Annex grants the user resistance to similar Powers based on the Nature Nimbed Boon Reduced. E.g. A Venom Annex with Nature Nimbed Boon 17 would grant a +5 to any roll or Ordeal card to resist poisons, Venoms etc.
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