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Orthodox _ _ ♦ is the Yin Facet of truth. Orthodox is passive data, a simple truth stood in plain sight, it is approved knowledge, confirmed and conventional. It is the latent law, ever present, plain and proper and only occasionally is it stirred into reactionary activity by its opposite Heresy.

Annex Root

Lore, Knowledge based Annexes

When you are building Annexes or Descendants that define what the Character knows then you may need an Orthodox Root Facet.

Annex Channel

Teaching and Learning Annexes

If you planning on playing a Teacher or a Student you are going to need a few Annexes and Descendants with an Orthodox Channelling Facet.

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A Lecture attack represents a stern talking to. It is a common way to install Duty, Madness and Paranoia Handicaps amongst others. Lecture attacks cause triple Distract (x3).

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Additional I-Ching (can be changing or unchanging and grant * power).

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  • Computers
  • Data
  • Knowledge
  • Learnings
  • Technology


  • Administration
  • Agriculture
  • AI Psychology
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Anthropology
  • Antiques
  • Archaeology
  • Artithmatic
  • Astronomy
  • Blue Prints
  • Blues
  • Body Language
  • Brewing
  • Bureaucracy
  • Calculators
  • Chaoslore
  • Chivalry
  • Coherent
  • Communications
  • Courteous
  • Cultured
  • Cybernetics
  • Datagrid usage
  • Decisive
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Diction
  • Diplomacy
  • Download
  • Education
  • Epic
  • Etiquette
  • Evaluate
  • Geography
  • History
  • Internet usage
  • Khaos Lore
  • Law
  • Lawgiving
  • Learning
  • Learning - specific
  • Lecture Attacks
  • Lecture Wounds
  • Legend Lore
  • Linear Accelerator Technology
  • Linguistics
  • Lore - specific
  • Magic lore - specific
  • Metallurgy
  • Monomolecular Technology
  • Music Theory
  • Natural History
  • Nuclear technology
  • Pedantry
  • Philosophy
  • Programming
  • Psalms
  • Rebreathers
  • Records
  • References
  • Responsibilities
  • Ropelore
  • Rune lore
  • Saturn
  • Science - specific
  • Soothsaying
  • Tale telling
  • Teaching
  • Traditions
  • Upload
  • Word Processors
  • Zoology


  • Academy
  • Classroom
  • College
  • Laboratory
  • Library
  • School
  • Study
  • University
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  • "Are you laughing at me?"
  • "Are you one of us?"
  • "Do you hear dogs?"
  • "Do you see a tall man, beard, glasses, silly hat back there?"
  • "Does this feel malignant to you?"
  • "Don't drink the water"
  • "Don't you know what they put in that?!"
  • "Hold still maybe it won't see us."
  • "I ain't getting on no plane, sucker!"
  • "I could have sworn I closed that door."
  • "I'll check again"
  • "Is it cold in here?"
  • "Is that Lipstick!?!"
  • "Is this a secured line?"
  • "It doesn't matter that the do
  • "It wards off evil spirits"
  • "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia."
  • "Of course the Government know all about it,"
  • "Oh no its a sunny day, you know what that means..."
  • "Police/Guards Leg it!"
  • "Quiet, did you hear something...?"
  • "Run!"
  • "That duck is staring at me"
  • "They Never Listened"
  • "They bug my phone"
  • "They come at night, mostly."
  • "They don't listen"
  • "This restaurant doesn't have enough fire exits, it's a death trap!"
  • "What are you staring at?"
  • "What did they say about me?"
  • "What do you think happened to...?
  • "What is that in the shadows there?
  • "What were you doing just then?
  • "What's that smell / sound / light / taste / shaking?
  • "Where are my keys?"
  • "Who do you work for?"
  • "You have no idea what you've done"
  • "You're going to leave me, I know you will"
  • Conspiracy Theorist
  • Intelligence officer
  • Paranoid
  • Professional Spy
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Truth (Data)

Perhaps you are trying to collect data, or want to write something down, or maybe you wish to play a living word, if so you are after the Orthodox Truth Formation Facet and Incarna.

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The Orthodox Monster is a tyrant, often a part of the system (in that it acts as a method of control over a population). A Tyrant monster may have troops that protect it, or work for it, or it may simply be so personally powerful that it can achieve its own goals.

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Gain Chi when you go with the majority, agree with another, or do as you are told.

Combat gain Chi when you prepare with a ♦

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Learn (about location/object/person), Learn from (book, school, person), Teach (in location, from book, character)

Anytime an NPC dispatches you to learn as much as you can about something, or to tell everyone about a subject then you are probably involved in an Orthodox Quest.

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Historical / Documentary

When the story is trying for historical accuracy or documentary style reportage of events then the Tone may well be Orthodox.

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Umbral Effects

  • NEED: Specific Trigger, can only activate under specific circumstances.
  • LIMIT: Will only work in a specific environment in all others Halve Score.
  • SACRIFICE: Additional Annex Slot, The Annex fills a smaller additional slot (e.g. Talent uses Skill and Talent slot) 
  • SPECIAL: The effects of the Annex may be completely undone by a specific circumstance. E.g. The effects of a Vampiric power may be undone by killing the Vampire, or a magicians spells may be broken by spilling their blood.

Nimbed Effects

  • FOCUS: Facts, the Annex grants the user Orthodox Boon Reduced facts about the Target if successful.
  • EXPAND: Grants Orthodox Boon in Yin if successful or in Yang if it fails. 
  • REWARD: Additional Annex Slot, the Annex automatically grants Orthodox Nimbed Boon Reduced Extra Proficiencies or add Orthodox Nimbed Boon Double Reduced Skill Annexes pertaining to the Master Annex. E.g. A Magic Lore Annex with Orthodox Boon 13 grants 4 extra Proficiency Slots, or 1 Skill slot.
  • TRICK: Diamonds Flush, anytime the Annex plays more than one Diamond all Diamonds are one Level higher.
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