Orthodox Umbrals and Nimbeds

Posted on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 at 22:06

Umbral Effects

  • NEED: Specific Trigger, can only activate under specific circumstances.
  • LIMIT: Will only work in a specific environment in all others Halve Score.
  • SACRIFICE: Additional Annex Slot, The Annex fills a smaller additional slot (e.g. Talent uses Skill and Talent slot) 
  • SPECIAL: The effects of the Annex may be completely undone by a specific circumstance. E.g. The effects of a Vampiric power may be undone by killing the Vampire, or a magicians spells may be broken by spilling their blood.

Nimbed Effects

  • FOCUS: Facts, the Annex grants the user Orthodox Boon Reduced facts about the Target if successful.
  • EXPAND: Grants Orthodox Boon in Yin if successful or in Yang if it fails. 
  • REWARD: Additional Annex Slot, the Annex automatically grants Orthodox Nimbed Boon Reduced Extra Proficiencies or add Orthodox Nimbed Boon Double Reduced Skill Annexes pertaining to the Master Annex. E.g. A Magic Lore Annex with Orthodox Boon 13 grants 4 extra Proficiency Slots, or 1 Skill slot.
  • TRICK: Diamonds Flush, anytime the Annex plays more than one Diamond all Diamonds are one Level higher.