Quiet Umbrals and Nimbeds

Posted on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 at 22:05

Umbral Effects

  • NEED: Tranquility, the User cannot be affected by strong emotions.
  • LIMIT: Must be used silently or Halve Score.
  • SACRIFICE: Practice, the User must practice the Annex for Annex Boon Reduced hours each week for Quiet Umbral Boon Reduced Weeks before they can activate. Failure to Practice will stop Annex from Activating.
  • SPECIAL: Must roll over the Quiet Umbral Boon Value on a d200, Yin may be spent on d6’s to increase the roll to activate the Annex.

Nimbed Effects

  • FOCUS: Subtle, The Annex’s use can be so subtle that it may require days of study to determine the complete effects of the Annex. Whilst there will be an immediate obvious effect, there will be other more subtle effects at play. Add Quiet Boon Reduced to the Pips of all Ordeal cards ‘prepared’ with this Annex.
  • EXPAND: The Annex automatically activates in response to certain stimuli. When activated by the “trigger” the use does not use up a character’s action. This Nimbed is required to allow an Annex or Descendant to be added to an Ordeal Proficiency / Initiative roll. RT applies but not GRT (see also Rook “Passive” Nimbed).
  • REWARD: Practice, Draw Quiet Nimbed Boon Double Reduced Extra cards in the Annex’s action.
  • TRICK: Sets, the Annex may play multiple cards of the same Pips as though they were a single card. E.g. Playing 5♠, 5♣, 5♦, 8♠ and 8♥ counts as playing only Two cards.