Wyrd Attack: Snare

Posted on Thursday, April 25th, 2013 at 22:38



Wyrd attacks can be used to capture (and Confine) as well as kill. Additionally snares can be set, and left to attack later on their own. A prepared snare wound can sit waiting as a trap, until someone blunders into it (in fact all traps are essentially snare attacks [although the actual wound type does vary from attack to attack]). Disabling a Snare requires defeating it twice (initially dodging, parrying or ignoring it with a Club ♣ and then disabling it with a Diamond ♦ of equal or higher Pips) otherwise it may affect anyone else that moves through the area/Stage. Snares usually take a while to set (you can’t dig a pit trap as easily as swinging a shovel at someone) unless using Magic. Ref’s decide.

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