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Yonder _ _ ♠ is the Yin Facet of space and distance. Completely passively this Facet sits holding point A apart from point B. The decider of distance and the root of range and roads, the Facet oversees all paths from space-lanes to highways to the Lea. Passive and inert Yonder lies always beyond the control but able to reach the heart of its opposite Dominion.

Annex Root

Range, Distance, Location and reach based Annexes

If you want to do something over there you might want a Yonder Root Facet

Annex Channel

Range, Reach or Space/Location Annexes

If you haven't picked a Yonder Root and want to act at a distance then you will probably want a Yonder Channelling Facet

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Yonder attacks can capture and bind (creating Confined Hanicaps), Yank attacks can unbalance the target, pulling them off balance, etc. Yank attacks do triple damage (x3) to moving targets.

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The Character has an additional Annex (1-11 Skill, 12-21 Talent, 22-26 Power) that grants an extra mode of Travel. E.g. Fleet-footed Skill, Flying Talent or a Lea Walking Power.

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  • Communications
  • Lands
  • Paths
  • Places
  • Roads
  • Space
  • Telescopes
  • The Lea


  • Aliens
  • Bows and Arrows
  • Bridges
  • Communications
  • Eagle-eyed
  • Elevators
  • Geography
  • Gun sights
  • Highly Accurate weapons
  • Hinter-tek
  • Inner-space
  • Interdimensional space
  • Ladders
  • Launchers
  • Lea Paths
  • Leylines
  • Multitasking
  • Navigation
  • Odysseys
  • One handed ranged weapons
  • Outer space
  • Paths
  • Portals
  • Radio
  • Ranged weaponry
  • Ranged
  • Ranger
  • Remote Control
  • Roads
  • Seer
  • Self propelled missiles
  • Space
  • Stairs
  • Sub-etheric devices
  • Surveillance
  • Talking
  • Telepathy
  • Telepresence
  • Telescopes
  • Throwing
  • TV
  • Two handed ranged weapons
  • U-space
  • Ventriloquism
  • Yank Attacks
  • Yank Wounds


  • Airport
  • Beacon hill
  • Bridge
  • Call centre
  • Hall
  • Landing
  • Lighthouse
  • Path
  • Port
  • Radio room
  • Road
  • Street
  • Terminal
  • Train tracks
  • Tunnel
  • Watch tower
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Loss of sense

  • Always Hungry
  • Bland
  • Blind
  • Boorish
  • Clumsy
  • Clutz
  • Crude
  • Daft
  • Deaf
  • Disdainful
  • Dumb
  • Dyslexia
  • Impatient
  • Impolite
  • Inattentive
  • Incurable Romantic
  • Insipid
  • Lack of Etiquette
  • Lacks common sense
  • Lacks empathy
  • Loss of sense (specify)
  • Nonsensical
  • Oblivious
  • Over-inflated Ego
  • Overly Ambitious
  • Poor Balance
  • Poor sense (specify)
  • Rash
  • Reckless
  • Senselessly violent
  • Thoughtless
  • Unmindful
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Space (Locations)

When you need to build a Location (a special type of descendant) or play a sentient building or grove, then you will want a Yonder Formation Facet.

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The Monster is an alien, an outsider. It may just be a metaphor for alienation, or literally be an extra-(or ultra)-terrestrial. Such monsters are usually obvious and inhuman, not just to look at, but in the way they think and behave. They have apparently supernatural powers and abilities, but often make do with advanced technologies (in the form of additional Descendants).

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Gain Chi when you gain information, see a new place, answer a question, or tell someone what you have experienced.

Combat gain Chi when you act at Range (paying Range costs or using Range Nimbeds).

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Travel to... (Object/ Location/ Object) or Follow (Character/Vehicle)

If you've ever shouted "Quick follow that car" or followed a Treasure map then you have been involved in a Yonder Quest.

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Odyssey / Road Movie

When the song of the open road, sea, sky or space-lanes calls to you it calls in a Yonder Tone.

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Umbral Effects

  • NEED: Space, a Location of size greater than the Annex Boon Double Reduced as Yarn.
  • LIMIT: Must be at a minimum Range of Annex Boon Reduced metres or Halve Score.
  • SACRIFICE: Focus (Yonder Umbral Boon Reduced Yin).
  • SPECIAL: Range is multiplied by 1+ Yonder Umbral Boon Reduced before calculation.

Nimbed Effects

  • FOCUS: Add Yonder Nimbed Boon Reduced Pips to any attack at range.
  • EXPAND: As long as the Annex does not Physically affect the Target it may effectively ignore costs for Range. Referees may arbitrate, an ideal Nimbed for Communication Powers.
  • REWARD: Focus (Gain Yonder Boon Reduced Chi)
  • TRICK: Yonder Boon divides Range before difficulty is calculated. Confined is divided by Yonder Boon Reduced, Closed by Yonder Boon and Open by Yonder Value.
    e.g. Boon 2=1/2/ 5 divides distance by 1 when Confined, 2 Closed and 5 when Open, where as Boon 13=4/13/66
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