Umbrals and Nimbeds

Posted on Thursday, April 25th, 2013 at 22:37

Umbrals and Nimbeds are additional effects that Annexes may have from having additional Facets added to the Annex (in the form of Proficiencies).

Umbrals are the shadowy, negative, yin aspects of a Facet. They make the Annex more powerful, each Facet has Four Umbral variants and you choose One. Umbral Boon is used to refer to the Character's Facet Boon without Scale.

Each Annex may only have one of each variant (if you have an Awe Need you can't have an Orthodox Need too).

  • NEED: Which must be met before the Annex can activate.
  • LIMIT: Which describes a circumstance under which the Annex Score is Halved.
  • SACRIFICE: Which is a Cost that must be paid before the Annex can Activate.
  • SPECIAL: Which is some sort of special rule.

It is worth noting that each Annex may have only one Umbral of each type (and a total of Four Umbrals at most).

It is also worth noting that when Umbrals affect Handicaps the Annex Boon is the Handicap Boon.

Nimbeds represent the bright, positive, yang aspects of a Facet, each Facet has Four Nimbed variants and you choose One. Nimbed Boon is used to refer to the Character's Facet Boon plus Scale.

  • FOCUS: Buffs the Annex for a certain purpose.
  • EXPAND: Expands what the Annex can do.
  • REWARD: The User gains a reward.
  • TRICK: Affects card play during Ordeals.


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