So many things to do so little time

Posted on Thursday, March 26th, 2015 at 15:03

The Easter holidays are nearly on us (and the Moseley clan are off to Orlando, FL, on Wednesday) and I still haven’t finished “Ironmaster & Other Tales” yet!Ironmaster and other tales spine text


A recent visit to Leeds cut into editing time...

I have been editing, although I haven’t found much to reduce so far (and only a few corrections), and suspect that each chapter being a separate story has swelled the collection far larger than a more normal novel would be – at least three Novellas lurk in the text, so it will be value for money.  I’ve also recruited a few more beta readers to get more feedback and see if any other changes should be made.

I’ve also finished planning a thriller (even more commercial than Ironmaster- I hope) that mixes in a few subtle hints of pancosmic horror, that will build during the sequels until ‘The stars are right’ and R’lyeh rises… Which should be fun.


I also visited my mum for her birthday - this is the view out her kitchen window atm

And I’m still working on plans for a YA post-apocalyptic series that we are currently world-building with the monthly RPG night (which is tomorrow). This month’s episodes explored the Culture and society of the Techno’s, Innocs, and their Space-Brothers…

The story I’m working on for it should explore concepts of alienation in a society that has hard borders and an evolving caste system that creates some interesting political tensions – and I might throw in an Alien Predator or Doom-esque escapees from Hell for a bit of light relief and action… but I really should be designing that scenario and not posting a blog update here.

On we go then…

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