Iron Master RPG session 14/7/13

Posted on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 at 19:56

Ran an Iron Master session last Friday. I’ve been running a once monthly game for a few sessions now to help fill out the background of the Iron Master universe.

The sessions are set in an alternate 1960s where mankind never industrialised Iron production due to an ancient treaty with the Fæ, the European nobility got magick in return for the granting of titles to anyone with magick. During the 18th century an Alchemical Middle-class arose, Alchemical metals replaced Iron at the heart of industrialisation, and these strange alchemical metals allowed the British Empire to rise to formidable dominance for a while, before hubris, Martians and the Great War helped pull all of that apart.

In order to limit the impact of my PCs in building the universe I have initially started them out as kids, all with a “Work House Poor” Impoverished handicap (x11 or x12), but already they are talking about building giant mechs the size of islands when they are bigger (with death-rays in the frickin’ eyes).

In a previous sessions they proved (accidentally with a toneloque pistol) that Iron can be alchemically purified, killed one of the Common Fæ (which may or may not have been a significant breach of the treaty), met one of my novels main characters, before he’s risen up the ranks too far of the metropolitan police force (which helped me define him) and led me to create the ‘Talbots’ who are cynocelaphic-super-soldiers that were developed by the Germans and British during the Great War.

On Friday they got dragged over to Lord Sylva’s hall (the “bad guy” of Iron Master) as he is hosting a week long hunt to celebrate the harvest festival (and of course the hand over from Seelie Court dominance to Unseelie in the secret Commonwealth).

Of course, the usual paranoia has them believing that Lord Sylva and some of the very Fæ that they encountered earlier are planning to hunt them too, which it may turn out is not too far from the truth (everyone is excited to learn that the drag hunt has a grand prize, for the best hunt, voted by the hunters)…

Meanwhile the party’s potential Mages (who have been warned off mage-school) have also realised that Lord Sylva has a huge magical library that is going to be largely unguarded during the actual hunting periods…

To say nothing of the party’s mad-scientist-in-training who has been promised a Tesla Corporation Plasma Pistol if he can keep the Mechanimal Wolves ticking over nicely until the big event… the next session should be fun!