And Now For Something Completely Different

Posted on Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 at 09:46

At least in the way of excuses…
Yesterday was Mary Parry’s beautifully moving funeral and now life must return to normal…

Only my wife and I have realised that Christmas has sort of snuck up on us, and that means no time for me to work on the 1st draft of Cyberpixies, or the 3rd draft (or a better title) of the 1st Cthriller, instead we must brave huge crowds and Christmas Fayres in the hopes of securing suitable Yule gifts for everyone (and a few unsuitable gifts too).


A few friends will be recipients of a paperback copy of ‘Ironmaster & Other Tales‘  or ‘The Paradox War Trilogy‘ which should keep them entertained until the wheel of seasons has turned once again, maybe you have some loved ones that would enjoy some mind-bending weird-fiction with a pop-culture twist, or a set of steampunk adventures that will make them believe in fairies again? They don’t even need to be paperback editions as you can gift e-books through Amazon, iTunes and from Lulu straight to your friends’ eReaders (and with An0ma1y still free what better e-stocking-filler could anyone ask for).
Well, enough from me, I must away to the stores.

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